Anamae Ford

Life Choreographer

"I had the opportunity to have a coaching session with Anamae, when I was struggling in my business. She helped me to gain clarity in what I needed to do next. Since our conversation, I have gained 3 new clients, and I have created a new contract, to protect myself, my employees, and clients in the future. I would recommend Anamae to anyone with struggles in any area of your life. She'll help you find the clarity to do what you have to do to change the outcome of your future."

Robyn Cox
CEO & Founder of Gleam Dreamers Custom Clean

"I've dug deeper into my fears to determine where I am now and where I desire to be without the fear. And something so positive manifested just about an hour after, which I didn't expect after your lesson! One step towards conquering that fear!” "

Naomi Lancet
Tech Strategiest + Web Designer

"Thank you for having the ability of listening, understanding, the capacity of transmitting peace and be a channel of Light for me. Above all, for helping me work towards my goals and objectives, giving me the encouragement and motivation that I need...""

Verónica Candanedo
Industrial Engineering

Release Your Fear

Anamae has such a genuine spirit about her that inspired me to release my fear about promoting myself in my business.

She's a true leader for women who are ready to ditch their fears  and stop holding themselves back!

-Diana Walker
Style Social Media Marketer

Beat Procrastination

I was recommended to Anamae so I could get rid off procrastination and with her help I realized that what I really needed was to press play to my desires.

She helped me a lot to exactly "press play", now I cannot press stop not even pause, I do have my breaks but my life and job are still on play.

Thanks Anamae to give me an excellent method to be on play all time.

-Ireri Guerra

True Game Changer in My Life

Since following this training, my productivity went through the roof !

It got me thinking about myself, how I was handling work and my personal goals. I could understand and pinpoint what was keeping me from being my best #girlboss. The program also gave me the necessary tools to turn things around.

Now, each time I'm falling off the band wagon (let's be honest : our bodies and brains like their old ways...), I can go back to this program and jump right back on it !

This training was a true game changer in my life.

Thanks Anamae.


Improved Day-to-Day Relationships

Anamae has admirable patience, and is a pleasure to work with. She's a great listener, and her personable method allows her sessions to feel that you are reflecting with a more objective side of yourself.

I found it extremely easy to open up to her, and we discussed areas of my life I never knew I needed to talk through. She gave me the tools to focus on different perspectives, which has taken emotion driven reaction out of my habit and hugely improved my day-to-day relationships.

-Patricia Yip
Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer

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